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Digital Mortgage

Touchless Lending is a platform that leverages AI, machine learning, analytics, and data solutions to streamline the daily tasks of lenders and enhance their efficiency. 

For me, it was a new and very interesting task. I had to create the storyboard and develop the design of 2D illustrations for a video that would ultimately be created in 3D.


Storyboard and 2d illustrations

FROM 2d to 3d

I find the transformation of my 2D scenes into 3D to be the most captivating aspect of the project. The 3D artist, Alex Tumanov, skillfully preserves the color palette and composition of each frame. The outcome is something I genuinely adore!







3D design


Alex Tumanov


2D design

Veronika Vieyra

3D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Max Tleubaev

Alexey Goncharov Giya Vald

2D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Max Tleubaev

Vadim Luks

Roman Dobrinyn Vlad Olshevsky Anton Popkov

Sound Design

Alexander Maslyuk

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